The Sweetest Menu

Make your wedding day the sweetest day on earth by having a Hummingbird wedding cake and dessert experience. A Hummingbird dessert is the quintessential delight you need for your wedding. Whether you are looking for an outrageous, or traditional wedding cake, a tower of macarons, or a dessert table that wow’s.  Our flavor selection ranges from Classic Vanilla to Kumquat Ghost-pepper(for the more adventurous) Schedule your consultation today, and taste the reason Hummingbird is in the business of making the world sweeter.
We believe that no celebration is complete without cake, in fact Julia Child said it best ‘a party without cake is just a meeting”, and a cake from Hummingbird is just what the party, (any party (any party) calls for!

We read in a post that macarons are ‘these delicious beauties are like celestial bites of heaven made of almond meal, unicorn tears and angel’s breath.” For us, macarons are just magical. We respect the process of what it takes to make these delicately divine treats, because it’s no easy task. We carefully think through each collection. The flavor combinations are important. One fall collection in particular we created Black-pepper Raspberry. The flavor was incredible, and we knew that anyone who was adventurous enough to taste it, they would be a fan for life. As it turns out, Black-pepper raspberry is one of our most requested flavors. We couldn’t agree more. We invite you to explore each collection, and discover the magnificence of a Hummingbird macaron.